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We design our client’s logo with five basic principles in mind; simplicity, memorability, timelessness, versatility, and appropriateness. We approach these principles with creativity, professionalism, and experience. Our process allows us to deliver a unique and creative look to be used as a marketing flagship.

A good logo is an effective way to build brand credibility and awareness through consistency in various marketing tactics, and foster a connection between your industry, and your particular offerings.

Research Industry

  • We begin by taking the time to understand the organization and its audience. We study the field and industry to discover design trends within the environment in which the logo is going to live in.  We also learn the range of design characteristics to appropriate the logo within its industry.

Understand the client's vision

  • We move on to a questionnaire in which we learn about the client’s ideas and stylish approach. We implement client uniqueness and the essence of their company into a concrete visualization by collaborating with the client.  We display a variation of prefabricated ideas and designs to allow the client to choose anything similar to their vision.  The client also has opportunity to provide us with samples and designs they have appreciated.

Design And Develop

  • With a solid understanding of our client’s vision, we begin work. Developing multiple concepts, we deliver options to the client for their input.


  • Once the client has selected an option suitable to their needs, we carry on to revising the selected option along with any inspirations received from communicating with the client. These revisions allow us to fine-tune the final product into a polished design.

Final Delivery

  • When the client is satisfied with their logo, we determine which formats the client will need for the logo’s intended uses. We also assist in storage options and educating the client, if necessary, on proper file formatting.

Strong brand awareness is necessary for success in business.

“I love doing logos. I’ve been a graphic artist all my life.”

–Tim Allen

The Griffith Media Approach

At Griffith Media, we take a different approach to integrating our services with your expertise. We take the time to get to know you, your goals, and your needs. We are dedicated to creating powerful, effective and engaging strategies, whether you need to provide a product, want to generate more leads, market online, or improve your branding and recognition in the marketplace. We want to provide you with the quality tools you need to provide a maximum return on any budget.

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